North 40 Apartments

Split by the serene waters of Waller Creek, the charming and coveted slice of Central Austin known as Hyde Park; offers a quiet respite from the busy city situated just 10 minutes south. Conveniently located just blocks from UT.  The CapMetro Bus stop is in conveniently located directly in front of our community.  A two-block stroll takes you past sprawling turn-of-the-century estates and modern single-family bungalows, cementing the neighborhood's reputation as an eclectic blend of classic and contemporary.  

Despite developing into one of Austin's most densely populated regions, Hyde Park has managed to remain a close-knit community. Eco-friendly residents take great pride in recycling and tending to backyard gardens. Hancock Golf Course is open to the public for a nominal fee, extending Hyde Park's welcome to all.

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